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Trilogy Power Ranch Pickleball Club

Opportunity for Process Improvement (OPI)  -  Trilogy Pickleball Club
This process encourages all Club members to provide written suggestions or recommendations on how we can do something differently or better than currently done. This may include but not limited to; court usage, tournaments, EVIL competition, weekly activities, social events, fund raising events, recruitment events and communications.

Please follow the steps below to have action taken by the Pickleball Club Board:

Use the Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) form below.  Is available to all Club members to submit their suggestions.
The completed form will be automatically emailed to the Club Secretary who will champion the process.

At each Board Meeting all submitted OFI’s will be presented, reviewed and action taken by the board.  The Secretary will communicate the results back to the individual who submitted the OFI.  There will be an OFI Folder on the new Club Website. All members will have access to view all OFI’s submitted and subsequent action taken.