Eye Protection

PAJoseline Sikorski (and many other players) wear eye protection on the courts. Read her story below to find out why and check out an interesting article from Sunnybrook Health Centre on the importance of protection.

As younger and sometimes more aggressive players join the sport, (a very good thing!) all players should consider wearing appropriate safety glasses and frames. I started wearing them four years ago, after a hard return shot deflected off my paddle and hit the right side of the right. I had internal bleeding in the eye and was extremely lucky there weren’t permanent injuries! I never thought it would ever happen again! However, last week in a match  a new, younger  player quickly  released a hard side arm shot that hit me square in the left eye. It was so quick I didn’t see it coming!  No doubt if I was not wearing glasses I would have had a serious injury. The force knocked the lens out of the frame. I was extremely lucky as the force of the impact could still have easily caused a detached retina.

I learned an important lesson, although the frames contained tridex safety lenses a better quality than recommended polyvinyl, the frame was only a half frame like cycling glasses and does not have sufficient cushioning to absorb some of the impact. So, I will be replacing them to insure better protection.

I believe it is the responsibility of every player to take ownership to protect their eyes. Too many people believe they are safe with the plastic ball but the specialist at Sunnybrook (the Health Centre where I was treated) was emphatic that there is no such thing as a safe ball.

Be careful out there!

Joseline Sikorski (PAO Board President)

Watch a very informative video from Sunnybrook Health Centre on the importance of eye protection!

Watch a very informative video from Sunnybrook Health Centre on the importance of eye protection!

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Pickleball Etiquette
Please wait until play on a gate-adjoining court has stopped play before you enter the gate.
Sign in each time you play. If you play two times in one day, please sign in twice.
Do not stand behind a court that is engaged in play.
If your ball moves to another court, please shout, "Ball on Court!"

  If you are the last leaving the courts, please pick up all the balls and put the nets away as needed. 

 Be aware of courts being used when you arrive or leave and make every effort to not disrupt play. Try to enter 

  between points or wait to be waved in. 

 AGAIN; a reminder to please sign in. We have used that data to get increased court time over the years.

  Some of those numbers have been very helpful as the board makes decisions. 

 We all know this is a problem; so try not to congregate around that middle gate area.

 The normally accepted "NEXT ON COURT" method is to put your paddle(s) next to the net post  of the court you wish to play on or challenge into......2 in-2 out/ 4 in-4 out

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El Mirage SSIPA tournament. Wednesday, March 22rd

Age 75-79, 3.0.
Silver -Chuck Saunders & Clark Swartz 
Gold- Frank Holsapple & Harry Jarrett.

Ifyou are the last players (late afternoon to dusk) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday please move the nets to the side of the courts by fences. Pick up all balls and put the bucket of balls and the sign-in clipboard in the cabinet.



 March 12th....Fun in the Sun, Men’s Doubles Skill 5.0/Age 60+
 Don Simmons With Dave Zapatka ....Silver 

 March 21st......SSIPA El Mirage, Men’s Doubles Skill 5.0/Age 65+
 Don Simmons with Dave Zapatka.....Silver

 March 22nd.....SSIPA El Mirage, Mixed Doubles Skill 5.0/Age 70+
 Don Simmons with Marylou Furaus.....Silver


Leslie Shaughnessy and her partner Cheryl Keeffe

 won Silver - March 22rd
Ladies 3.0 at Encanterra
San Tan Valley, AZ 

Pickleball Courts named for the Jarretts'