The Pickle

Pickleball Lessons 101
Beginners/Novice & 
3.0 Players & Up

Wednesday's in May, 2021
8:00 A.M.

Leslie Shaughnessy - Coordinator

Club Formal Programs:

All other programs have been suspended for the Summer Season


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May 6, 2021

Trilogy at Power Ranch Pickleball Club

Board of Directors


President Rocky Hessen

Vice President Gary Shaughnessy

Secretary Andy Stowe

Treasurer Tony LaRoche 

Members at large:

Chuck Wedemeyer

Linda Viall

Rose Ford


Trilogy Power Ranch Pickleball Club


Pickleball Club
Summer Court's Schedule
May 1st - September 30, 2021

Court 3 - Pickleball

Court 4 - Pickleball

Dawn to Dusk

Trilogy Members only